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Customer testimony and endless possibilities of Niji products: Repurposing Personalized Printables

Customer testimony and endless possibilities of Niji products: Repurposing Personalized Printables


At Niji, we're passionate about empowering our customers to create meaningful and memorable experiences with our personalized printables. Recently, we received heartfelt feedback from one of our customers, Kisha Sharma, that truly encapsulates the essence of what we stand for.

"I want to thank Niji for the beautiful Valentine's Day card. Not only was it the perfect last-minute gift, but it also inspired me to get creative by reusing it for many other creations too. I used the design to make a mug, a notebook cover, and even set it as my mobile wallpaper. I've shared it as my WhatsApp DP and story, and this is just the beginning of how I plan to use it. Thank you for making every moment special!"

Below is a collage we created after talking to her. ALl of these from one purchase :)


Kisha's story is a testament to the versatility and endless potential of Niji's personalized printables. Inspired by her experience, we decided to delve deeper into the innovative ways our customers have used our products.

Kisha and many other customers have reported various uses of our printables including:

Digital Variations:

  • Share on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook.
  • Convert into e-cards for special occasions.
  • Set as mobile or desktop wallpapers for a personalized touch.
  • Use as virtual backgrounds for online meetings or video calls.
  • Use as Whatsapp DP, story, or on other social media platforms.
  • Annotate and interact with the digital file to create more unique variations

Physical Manifestations:

  • Frame artwork for wall decor, wall art or gifting.
  • Print on high-quality cardstock for tangible greetings cards.
  • Customize clothing (t-shirts) or accessories (tote bags) with iron-on transfers.
  • Create custom stickers, stationary, decoupage, bookmarks, notebook covers, etc.
  • Create mugs, fridge magnets, paper weights,¬†mousepads,¬†and many others

Unlock Your Creativity with Niji:

Our personalized printables offer endless opportunities for self-expression and creativity. Whether you're looking for a unique gift idea or a creative way to decorate your space, Niji's designs empower you to make every moment truly special. Share your innovative uses with us and inspire others to unleash their creativity with Niji's personalized printables!

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